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All videos can be found on Vimeo, also on the Youtube channel you will see some more.

THE ROOM | BARCELONA (PART II) from The Room Installation on Vimeo.





También puedes ver las imágenes del último evento en vídeo.

You can also see the images of the last video event.

THE ROOM | BARCELONA | EVENT (23-03-018) from The Room Installation on Vimeo.



TR | Reflexion



Reflexion Sound


Black Box

The Room may appear for the least expected sites.
Everything can become an imperfect scene, ideal for The Room.

The Room puede aparecer por los sitios menos esperados.
Todo puede transformarse en un escenario imperfecto, ideal para The Room.

The Room on Fire




Blink Fire

Between tests and fire blinks

With the collaboration of my sister Lorena 

Back TR

La máscara del engaño deja de sonreír, en la libertad de aquellas que no necesitan convencer.

The mask of deception stops smiling, in the freedom of those who do not need to convince.

Previous scenes




Entre maletas que no cierran y sonidos de primavera en Buenos Aires. Me preparo para teletransportarme al otoño de Barcelona.
En este caso me gustaría contarles algo sobre “The Room”

Between suitcases that do not close and spring sounds in Buenos Aires. I prepare to teleport to the autumn of Barcelona.
In this case I would like to tell you something about “The Room”

the- room- furious-siren

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